About this book

Revised and updated for global market, this extraordinary Handbook catalogues, in unprecedented detail, the scientific, environmental, and economic processes of post-harvest coffee. An indispensable resource for anyone in the coffee trade — from grower to barista!


  1. Chapter 1: Anatomy and Chemical Composition of the Coffee Fruit and Seed
  2. Chapter 2: Water in the Coffee Fruit and Seed
  3. Chapter 3: Physical and Thermal Properties of Coffee Fruits and Seeds
  4. Chapter 4 Coffee Processing
  5. Chapter 5 Treatment of Residues in Post-Harvest Coffee
  6. Chapter 6 Coffee Drying
  7. Chapter 7 Energy Used in Coffee Dryinfg
  8. Chapter 8 Coffee Storage, Milling and Sorting
  9. Chapter 9 Coffee Processing Facilities
  10. Chapter 10 Pests in Coffee Storage
  11. Chapter 11 Toxigenic Fungi and Mycotoxins in Coffee
  • S1: Coffee of Brazil: Retrospective and Trends
  • S2: A Brief History of Brazilian Coffee Classification
  • S3: Classification of Specialty Coffees
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